You are welcome to come and step into our world of imaginary realm of Artificial Intelligence where you will see ideas transforming into reality and learn about bleeding-edge novelties – Wonderland AI.

Wonderland AI is a new land of innovation where we want to emphasize and promote all innovative models, different approaches and freedom of interpretation.

We want to make a difference in AI world and create an event which will be unlike any other you’ve seen so far.

Wonderland AI world is vivid with original ideas and unique interpretation of future expectations and possibilities. Prepare yourself to immerse your mind into prodigious world of knowledge and intelligent engineering where you will easily get distracted by the amazing things you see – it will be the moment when you realize that you’re in a different world; the world of Artificial Intelligence.

For years it was thought that computers will never be more powerful than the human brain, but this old adage has come to an end as technology development has considerably accelerated nowadays.

Artificial Intelligence has quickly made a changeover from an unknown and distant future technology to an everyday reality. From taking high-quality pictures to presuming our next word or phrase in an email, AI is being built into products we use each day to transform our lives for the better.

AI has gained a lot of ground over the past years as this emerging technology is taking place everywhere being implemented in products, websites and applications.

Capitalising on AI means that you make the most out of your data – and with right analytics you can get ahead of the game – it can help you with your business strategy using insights from various sources and pull everything together into a meaningful aggregate so you can act on facts.

The combinations of the most powerful software and top-notch hardware gives us AI tools that are used to transform many areas of our everyday life from healthcare, agriculture, finances to traffic problems and more.

If you agree with the opinion that Artificial intelligence (AI) is the next step in the evolution…then join our Wonderland evolution.

You will have a chance to attend pitches at 1 Main Track with the keynote speakers from large organizations and companies.

More than 600 people will join our lectures and workshops getting deeper insights into the specific industry innovations and tech advancement.

You will have the opportunity to join 4-5 workshops per different industries (agriculture, fintech, automotive, healthcare, and many more) and a chance to discuss particular topics with some of the greatest minds and intellects.

Prepare yourself for an incredible place where every frontier disappears.

Prepare yourself for an incredible journey to the culmination of intelligent engineering.

Prepare yourself for WONDERLAND AI.  

Are you ready?

We are waiting for you.