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>Blog >Artificial Intelligence vs. Coronavirus: How AI is Getting This Fight?

Artificial Intelligence vs. Coronavirus: How AI is Getting This Fight?

The beginning of 2020 will definitely be remembered by the world, which is almost completely stopped because of an increasing enemy, already well known as COVID-19. The number of infected people is changing hour by hour, but we’re not here to repeat all those media reports that surround us! On the contrary, we will focus on the world’s best defense forces: worldwide excellent medical workers and clever machines included in this hard fight!

Increasing Coronavirus improved the professionalism of so many doctors around the world, but it also showed us the human side of AI, which contributes to saving lives in so many ways. In the following text, we present to you the most important ways AI is helping the world’s fight against Coronavirus!

Drones are delivering medical supplies

Who can be safer deliverer in the time of Corona than a smart drone, that transfers medical supplies to hospitals where infected people are waiting for them? In the difficult time of Coronavirus when every contact between people can be a danger, AI provides a safe and fast way to help better transfer medicals and other equipment!

Robots sterilize bed, food and other things in use 

While humans are susceptible to Coronavirus infection, robots are completely safe. That fact gave them a really important role in hospitals, where they are completing many tasks such as sterilizing food, delivering medicines, cleaning beds, and all this with the purpose of reducing person-to-person contact. 

The most popular robotic killers of bacterias are Blue Ocean Robotics, that use ultraviolet light to kill viruses, which makes them important heroes of this challenging period for the world. 

AI systems develop medicines

The world was not ready for such a serious enemy as Corona, but the good news is that the best experts are dedicated to making a cure for infection. This process is running in cooperation with powerful AI algorithms that can help in identifying effective proteins against the virus. Google’s DeepMind already published some important findings that could help researchers stem the global outbreak. 

DeepMind released the structure predictions for six proteins associated with COVID-19, using the latest version of AlphaFold system. Detecting a protein’s structure provides valuable resources for understanding of how the virus functions.

British startup BenevolentAI is also trying to discover drugs against the virus. The company is using an AI algorithm that connects molecular structure data to biomedical information about the disease, to find potential drug targets. The result could be the first effective medicine against Coronavirus. Thanks to the AI algorithm, scientists also can notice small but important nuances between symptoms and disease.

Are we going to use facemasks provided by AI?

Israeli startup Sonovia could have the solutions for lack of face masks and other healthcare products that can protect us from Coronavirus. They are working on producing fabrics immune to viruses until a long-expected vaccine is developed. 

The most important thing about Sonovia’s work is a technology that can cover fabrics with antivirus without using any chemicals. They’re in hope that those powerful masks will be the best protection from viruses like Corona, and we are the biggest optimists about that!

We have provided just a few examples of how AI can help the world against the current situation. But don’t forget its contribution to diagnosing this and many other diseases. How many lives are saved thanks to AI technology? Or the better question is: Isn’t it the best indicator that human experts and AI technology together make the winning team for the future?