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>Blog >AI solutions for Computers: How Dell Technologies Are Improving the Industry with Their AI Solution

AI solutions for Computers: How Dell Technologies Are Improving the Industry with Their AI Solution

AI has been driving innovation, empowering change, and creating exciting possibilities for exploring. AI allows organizations and companies to make big decisions and bold steps based on data-driven insights. Dell is forging a new path towards the future with their solutions that were designed to support AI’s rapid development. 

By combining software, hardware, and tools, Dell Technologies is developing AI solutions for their computers and providing everything that is needed for a new generation of products and ideas. All you have to do is realize the full potential of artificial intelligence and how to use it. 

The Future of Artificial Intelligence Is Happening Now

Artificial intelligence, along with machine and deep learning, is actually decades‑old technologies, but their beginning is just taking off. Why now? The industry is making some incredible breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and deep learning. Apart from that, high‑performance computing has also made advanced computing power available and affordable for many organizations and companies. And there is a lot more data that is available to fuel artificial intelligence and help build a smarter future.

Whatever the industry, artificial intelligence can change almost every aspect. The idea is for you to have an opportunity that will help you identify trends and patterns that would be time‑consuming or difficult to detect in any other circumstance. 

Artificial Intelligence Can Help People Find Jobs

AI can be used to leverage data and assess personalities with the aim of sourcing and matching job seekers and employers. By using AI, employers can find great candidates for their companies and workers can find their dream jobs. How is that?

Going through piles of resumes is a time-consuming task that can be left in the past. With the incorporation of artificial intelligence, employers can eliminate some of the guesswork and learn about a potential candidate’s soft skills, adaptability, and emotional intelligence. These new technologies can find candidates, and companies can save their HR departments a lot of time and cut down on turnover costs.

And it’s not only that. Employers often rely primarily on cover letters and resumes to find their candidates, but AI eliminates a lot of guesswork by leveraging data and personality assessments. A resume can only reveal a limited amount of information about a candidate, while AI can help employers learn about applicants’ skills, emotional intelligence, and other key traits.

It’s not just helpful to employers. Workers can now find jobs that are a better fit for them and align with their sense of self. Jobs are much more than a paycheck, and AI can help match employers and workers that are a great fit for one another. 

AI Medical Help

Among the uses of artificial intelligence, you can also find its contribution to the area of healthcare and medical technologies. So far, this partnership between healthcare and AI has helped with the battle against many diseases and viruses, such as covid-19

Through many partnerships between technology, healthcare, government, and research organizations, people can now see a digital platform that was created in order to improve access to healthcare services in India.

Dell Technologies, with its Digital LifeCare platform, built a custom platform leveraging cloud technology, along with mobile apps that will help the Government of India handle the challenges of healthcare access. 

The platform leverages cloud, mobile, and analytics applications and in return helps healthcare workers screen and even treat many non-communicable diseases, including hypertension, diabetes, and cancer. With these screenings, healthcare workers can prevent many diseases and help many people instead of their once-active prioritization of diseases that should be treated.

Cloud Storage to Help Manage Object Data

Businesses grow and manage rapidly expanding and isolated data used in various applications from many sources. Because of that, many struggle with a fragmented storage portfolio that can slow down innovation and their business. That’s where cloud storage and from Del Technologies can help.

Dell Technologies has designed multi-cloud deployment models that allow users to connect their file or object storage with their systems without any interference. Consumed as a service, users can easily connect to any public cloud at a high-speed connection with low latency.

For using AI, cloud storage is one of the best options to get. AI requires a lot of data that needs to be stored somewhere safe and accessed fast. Cloud storage is the best place to put that data. Training complex deep neural networks is not easy. It is a difficult process that is best suited for the cloud. 

Dell Technologies Is Pushing the Boundaries

Dell Technologies is at the forefront of AI, and they provide the necessary technology that helps improve everything around us. They have an extensive portfolio of different technologies, from servers, software, storage, networking, services, and workstations, which they use to create data analytics solutions that can underpin successful artificial intelligence, as well as machine and deep learning implementations. Dell has invested heavily in its Ready Solutions that simplify the IT infrastructure in order to provide faster and deeper insights.