About Us

We personally work and live with Artificial Intelligence every day but the majority of us isn’t aware of it. AI is already part of our daily lives therefore it is extremely important for us to understand the status of Artificial Intelligence, how we can create and contribute to a future world.

“Our vision is to share the spirit of innovation as dandelion is sharing its seeds on a wind”


Would YOU like to know how the futures world will look like?

A while ago, Artificial Intelligence was only for the engineering elite and technology giants. But then things changed. AI started its own path and got absorbed into the products and services we use daily.  

Thanks to this, changes in technology are now open for everyone and Wonderland AI pioneers knowledge transparency and technology innovations.

Why join us?

We believe in a brand-new land, land of possibilities and innovation, the land where the motivation for invention is a mover, the land without limits just as the one in our mind.

We believe in Wonderland AI.

What you can expect?

Our goal is to create the most innovative AI summit in Europe where you can expect 600+ people joining a one-day event. We will have several industry domain tracks (agriculture, fintech, automotive, healthcare and more) and world-famous speakers from large organizations and companies. AI market is like a living organism – forever evolving. Join us for the next evolution in Artificial Intelligence.


We combine our areas of expertise to make a big impact

One-on-one Consulting

One-on-one consults with small business experts to show you your fast experts to smth

Access to Solutions

Access to solutions, partners and ideas that simplify your business growth

Learn How Target Your Clients

Community and questions to hold you accountable to ensure your progress

Unique Perspectives

Unique perspectives from no-nonsense keynote speakers

Our Team

Real Stories. Real Strategies
Jovan Stojanovic
Chief Executive Officer
Stefan Sredojevic
Stefan Sredojevic
Chief Operation manager
Jovana Stojanovic
Jovana Stojanovic
Business development manager
Filip Sretovic
Filip Sretovic
Logistic Manager

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