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Human-Friendly AI: Impressive Ways AI Can Help Humanity

Artificial intelligence is booming more and more every day. While some bad connotations are linked with AI’s impact on the world, we mustn’t ignore its good influence on humanity. With all the global issues we’re facing today and the ones we’re yet to face, we have to rely on our good friend AI and its immense power to protect us and make this world a better place. So, let’s talk about human-friendly AI and all the impressive ways it can help humanity.

Revolutionizing The World of Healthcare

Healthcare is one of the world’s industries that’s rapidly growing and developing. It’s constantly changing and adapting to patients’ needs. Thanks to AI, we’re able to keep up with all the challenges healthcare throws at us and more! How? – you may ask. Artificial intelligence is already deep into diagnosing and detecting diseases and collecting and sorting out all the relevant medical data. Let’s not forget the help of surgical robots and all innovative therapies and drugs. Now, let’s see the specific areas of healthcare in which AI is doing its magic.

Cancer Identification and Screening Process

AI plays a huge role in the cancer identification and screening process thanks to its promising imaging capabilities. Additionally, artificial intelligence can predict breast, liver, prostate, and liver cancer development using deep-learning algorithms. Believe it or not, its accuracy is 94%! Using the abovementioned huge medical database powered by AI, more and more information about cancer treatments is becoming available to doctors and researchers who are working on the cure and innovative treatments.

Precision Medicine With AI

Precision medicine is another genius project of AI, and it’s defined as ”an emerging approach for disease treatment and prevention that takes into account individual variability in genes, environment, and lifestyle for each person”. Instead of using the same prevention therapy for every patient, doctors (and researchers) will be able to create a more accurate treatment strategy for each patient individually. This approach has already found its place in the prevention of brain tumors and diabetes. Amazing, right?

Radiology and Medical Images

The Healthineers from Siemens AI Lab, led by Bernd „Benno“ Blumoser, are working on leading medical technologies that will change the healthcare industry’s pace. One of the inventions that are definitely worth mentioning is AI-Rad Companion.4 – a radiologist’s little helper who performs basic medical imaging reading and measuring activities. Artificial intelligence in medical imaging evaluation can help relieve some of the burdens on overworked radiologists.

There’s No Planet B

Speaking of impressive ways AI can help humanity, we must mention its vast impact on our good friend – Planet Earth. We all know the issues our planet has been facing in the last few years are catastrophic. Not only are we ruining our beautiful nature, but we’re also turning this planet into a dangerous place to live. So, how can AI help us save our planet and ourselves? Researchers are using AI to detect and monitor some of the world’s deadliest natural disasters (tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.). Additionally, AI works hard on analyzing all the possible scenarios in which we can find ourselves during these disasters, so it can help us become more resilient in the case of catastrophe. And there’s more…

AI is Saving the Bees

Everybody knows the bee population is endangered, aka it’s in decline. However, not many people know AI is on the mission to save these little creatures. Since bees are beneficial for our planet, The World Bee Project found a way to help them survive by using AI. Artificial intelligence analyzes the data uploaded to the cloud from many cameras, microphones, and sensors put on beehives. The main job of AI is to actually discover patterns that can lead to early intervention to assist bees in surviving and thriving.

Prediction of Climate Change

As we said earlier, the climate crisis is rapidly growing. Fortunately, people like Smriti Mishra and Lucas Di Grassi are ready to put up a good fight by using everything AI has to offer. There are machine learning algorithms that can run roughly 30 computer simulations of climate change. These advanced algorithms are extremely beneficial for climate informatics. Moreover, these machines can predict how climate change will affect certain regions of our planet. Some researchers are even using AI to calculate the damage of heavy storms and increasing sea level.

Bettering The Agriculture

Besides bettering healthcare and our planet, AI has a vastly positive impact on agriculture as well. Since the global population is constantly rising, AI uses all its power to make food production more efficient and less wasteful. We talked about precision medicine; well, now we’re talking about precision farming. All the active scientists in agriculture are improving the current farming methods to increase the global food capacity.

For example, there are systems that allow large tractors to plant crops more regularly and precisely, reducing waste in agricultural processes like harvesting, planting, and fertilizing. This approach lowers chemical usage and enhances efficiency. Moreover, as farm sensors develop and drones record real-time photos of huge swaths of farmland, AI computers will help farmers predict what their crops and farms will require up to a year ahead of time. This will also allow them more time to respond to poor conditions on the field.

Future is NOW!

AI is without a doubt providing innovative solutions to modern-day problems and can be applied to many fields and markets. Actually, we should approach AI as the basis of every solution to each global problem we come across. With everything artificial intelligence has to offer to humanity, we can say only one thing – the future is now!