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Bootcamp Program

Wonderland AI is a leading AI summit in Eastern Europe bringing AI enthusiasts and talents together to learn and engage in exciting discussions shaping AI in the region and aboard.


To help promote the learning and knowledge sharing experience for the summit participants, our friends from Zaka are going to lead two-day Online Bootcamps that will provide participants with necessary basic knowledge and hands-on skills in multiple AI topics. Particularly, Zaka will run 3 tracks that will introduce participants to Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, and Reinforcement Learning.



We present below 3 tracks of two-day Online Bootcamps, during the Wonderland AI program, that introduces participants to the following areas:

  • Track A: Natural Language Processing
  • Track B: Computer Vision
  • Track C: Reinforcement Learning


Please note that each track consists of 8 hours divided across the 2-days, from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM (CET) with a one-hour break in the middle from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM (CET)

Monday - 19th of October

TRACK A: Basics of NLP

  • Introduction to NLP + NLP applications
  • Text preprocessing practices (e.g. stemming, lemmatization, stopwords, tokenization)
  • Feature extraction
  • Text classification with word embeddings
Tuesday - 20th of October

TRACK A: NLP in the Age of Transformers

  • Deep learning in NLP
  • Self-Attention and The Transformer
  • BERT architecture and training
Wednesday - 21st of October

TRACK B: Classical Computer Vision

  • Introduction to Computer Vision
  • Fundamental Image Processing techniques
  • Image data preparation

TRACK C: Getting Comfortable with Reinforcement Learning

  • Familiarize definitions and requirements
  • Basics of Reinforcement Learning formulation
    • Markov Decision Process (MDP)
    • Defining policies
  • Introduce to OpenAI Gym
Thursday - 22nd of October

TRACK B: Promise of Deep Learning for Computer Vision

  • Promise of Deep Learning for Computer Vision
  • Convolutions and operations, e.g pooling, strides, etc.
  • Introduction to object detection and state of the art architectures
  • How to develop new object detection models

TRACK C: Tracking Deep Q-learning algorithms

  • Introduce different Reinforcement Learning algorithms
  • Hands-on implementation of the basic Q-learning algorithm
  • Tackling deep Q-learning

Keynotes Program



2020 Speakers

VP of Worldwide AI Initiatives at Nvidia

Head of AI at Abu Dhabi Police

VP of AI and Analytics at Airbus

CEO at SingularityNET

Co-founder at Zaka

Senior Research Scientist at Facebook

PhD Candidate in Computer Engineering

Founder and CEO of Zaka

AI Researcher at MILA

Google Developer Expert in Machine Learning

Google ML Expert

Senior Data Scientist at VodafoneZiggo


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