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What is the vision and mission of Wonderland AI?

We are AI enthusiasts who believe in the power of technology, knowledge, and innovations which can make the planet a better place to live and grow. Artificial intelligence is already everywhere around us, and we are the ones who develop all its potentials and create new possibilities for a smarter future.

What is Wonderland AI Summit?

Wonderland AI Summit (WAIS) is the largest artificial intelligence conference in Southeast Europe, which takes place in Belgrade, the capital city of Serbia. WAIS gathers the most important names from the world’s AI community, which includes representatives of the major AI and technology companies, AI enthusiasts and all those who believe in powerful AI impact on various businesses and industries.

What will the Wonderland AI Summit 2020 look like?

In 2020, Wonderland AI Summit goes online, which means that you’ll be able to get in touch with the global AI community from your place! We’ll publish the full Summit program very soon, and while you wait for the schedule, you can check this year’s speakers and partners of the event.

Are you going to have some technical workshops?

WAIS 2020 is the place where you will be able to attend impressive AI discussions and technical workshops lead by the world’s best AI experts, who are the special guests of the conference.

What can I expect from Wonderland AI Summit 2020?

WAIS 2020 will host the world’s best experts who will talk about the latest artificial intelligence trends and advanced AI solutions that are applicable in your business.  


From 19th to 23rd October, you’ll have an opportunity to be a part of 4-Day Bootcamp, Keynote Day and World AI Panel with the major companies, business leaders, researchers and AI enthusiasts from around the world. Take a look on this year’s speakers and hurry up to buy your tickets!

Can I join Wonderland AI Summit as a partner or organizational team member?

If you’re interested in artificial intelligence and motivated to organize the Wonderland AI Summit, you’re welcome to join our team of AI enthusiasts. Send us your application HERE!

If you want to support Wonderland AI as a partner, be free to contact us HERE.

What is unique About Wonderland AI Summit?

Whether you’re looking for a partnership, business, development, or investments, WAIS is a unique chance to make new connections with successful representatives of the AI community. The major AI leaders will share useful and innovative tools, methods, and practices that can help every company and business to maximize its growth potential. 

Do you host any other events?

We are proud founders of 6 AI communities in big cities of regional countries: Belgrade and Novi Sad (Serbia), Sarajevo and Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Skopje (Macedonia), and Podgorica (Montenegro). These AI communities host many meetups and workshops where all AI enthusiasts are always welcome.

Do you have an anti-harassment policy?

We value all of our participants, speakers, and attendees equally, and will not accept any treatment in any arena of association business which goes contrary to this.