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>Bernd „Benno“ Blumoser

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Bernd „Benno“ Blumoser

"Bernd „Benno“ Blumoser is Innovation Head and Co-founder of the Siemens AI Lab, which serves as co-creation platform for exploration of Industrial AI. Relying on his management consulting experience, he held leading positions in Siemens’ Open Innovation & Trend Scouting Program and was an essential driver for the development of the Siemens AI strategy. He is convinced that AI must be designed responsibly and “for the good”, and intrigued by the implications of technologies at the intersection with sustainability goals, the future of work and new digital leadership culture. He holds a diploma in “international cultural and business studies” and an M.A. for “musical education” from the University of Passau. In his private life, Benno is passionate about Latin America, hiking in the Alps and playing music. He’s married and has three kids."