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WAIS 2020 Tickets Guide: What Do the Tickets Include?

Have you already marked the October 23rd for one of the biggest AI events this year? If you already know that on this date you’ll be in Belgrade attending the Wonderland AI Summit 2020, there is just one more thing to do: book your ticket as soon as possible!

We created special types of tickets for all our attendees, so you can choose between 3 following options: Academic (59 €), Regular (139 €) or Ultimate (179 €) WAIS 2020 ticket! 

Who are these tickets for?

If you are coming from academic circles, you are a professor, scientist or student, and you have the document that proves your academic activity, then you are welcome to attend the Summit by buying a special Academic ticket!

Regular tickets are reserved for all our participants from companies or organizations, no matter the industry they present. This offer also includes all our attendees coming at WAIS 2020 individually. 

What do the tickets include?

By booking appropriate tickets you are providing your entrance at the biggest AI event of the year! WAIS 2020 is preparing a spectacular AI program that includes 5 tracks you can attend:

  • Wonder Track – Keynote talks of amazing World Leaders
  • Tesla Track – Technical insights and 30 min hands-on presentations on topics such as deep learning, computer vision, natural language processing, etc. 
  • Pupin Track – Technical hands-on – code workshop 1 hour per slot
  • Leadership roundtable – Listen to what businesses have to say about AI challenges and opportunities. Be part of b2b meetings!
  • AI EXPO – Come and see AI in place, AI combined with art and futurism.

You will get a possibility to listen to the main AI leaders in the world, whose useful presentations, lectures and tools will be possible to apply to your own business after the event. Discussion breaks will be reserved for the FunZone area where you can have fun with our participants from all over the world. Lunch breaks will be possible by using special tokens. 

After every successful event, there should be time to celebrate new connections and new perspectives. Therefore, we organize the Wonderland ultimate party! It’s a unique chance for networking in an amazing party space and enjoying the best cocktails you’ll try in Serbia! 

During the summit, the Wonderland AI App will be available for you with the guidelines and all the information you will need while you are in Belgrade. 

And that’s not all! We haven’t talked about the Ultimate ticket yet!

Why you should book the *Ultimate ticket* for the summit?

In addition to the above, the ultimate ticket includes some extra options such as: 

  • Summit speakers lounge access
  • Party speakers lounge access
  • Fast lane registration
  • Reserved first line spots on all tracks

WAIS 2020 ticket is your genuine entrance to the wonderful AI world. Use the chance to be a part of it and make some valuable connections! Book your ticket now!

For more information about the summit visit our Support & FAQ and be free to contact us.