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6 Amazing Ways AI Can Improve Daily Life

AI is becoming an unavoidable part of our daily lives whether we are aware of it or not. It has become an integral part of most of our daily lives and routines, even if we haven’t accepted it yet.  If you are wondering how beneficial artificial intelligence is in our daily life, wonder no more. Read on and find out the most practical uses of AI today.

Talking With Our Voice Assistants

Probably the most known voice assistant to mankind is Apple’s Siri. If you haven’t used it, there is a 99% chance you heard about her.

Although Siri is the popular girl in the squad, the other four are also worth mentioning. Samsung owners have Bixbi as their main girl but Google assistant can help out too if you call out “OK Google”. And you can also rely on Microsoft’s Cortana and Amazon’s Alexa to help you when you need it.

This pop squad can tell you about the weather, help you with your commute or travel trip, play your favorite music, order your food, schedule meetings and answer every question that comes to your mind. The only thing you need to be aware of is that you might not be satisfied with the answer. 

In case you’re interested to find out exactly how Alexa works, there’s an opportunity for you to find out from Amazon’s representative speaker Elena Sokolova on the Main Stage on the first day of our summit.

Are Driver Licence’s Days Numbered?

To answer this question right away – it is pretty much so. In the past two decades, we’ve been witnessing sensors and cameras in our cars which help us park with more comfort and ease.

These sensors driven by AI can monitor lanes, detect blind spots, pedestrian crossings, and collisions in order to alert the driver of dangerous events on roads. They can also detect if the driver is tired or sleeping.

As a step toward autonomous vehicles i.e. driverless cars, trains, etc, which by some predictions, are supposed to be a completely normal thing in our lives by 2050, AI has enabled vehicles to communicate with each other, traffic signals, and road signs.

The Need for Cybersecurity Just Keeps Rising

The Internet has become an integral part of our lives and the best-case scenario is we feel uneasy when we can’t use it. Security is one of the basic human needs and therefore cybersecurity should be the same. Online businesses, banks, and every other company that requests your personal and sensitive data are strongly advised to deploy AI as an addition to their network security.

AI uses various tools such as facial recognition, CAPTCHA, and fingerprint scanners amongst others for identification. The information collected by these features can help to detect if a log-in attempt is genuine or not and stop hackers from taking over the data of the company’s clients.

Want to know more about how to protect yourself or your business? Philippe Herve will give a speech about cybersecurity on our Tech & Beyond stage.

What Can Intelligent Dental Care Do?

Have you ever thought you could have an intelligent assistant to help you understand if you’re applying too much pressure on your teeth and gums or if you brushed for long enough?

If you haven’t, that’s perfectly fine but in reality, there are a few companies that created toothbrushes powered with AI to make you realize the above-mentioned, help you create a routine to optimize your dental health and reduce visits to your dentist.

Help Where Help is Needed – Elderly Caregiving

While AI has found and secured its place in some branches of healthcare, providing care to the elderly is its new and developing interest. The care for our loved ones can be challenging sometimes when you have a busy life, but AI technology can rescue the day when that’s the case. 

Installing motion sensors and/or cameras in your house connected to an AI system can greatly help monitor the daily activities of your loved ones to ensure their wellbeing while you are working, as well as wearables that can detect if they had their meals or if they have had “on the floor events”, as some companies like to refer to a fall.

What Did Facebook Do?

Facebook and Facebook-owned apps like Instagram and WhatsApp are a big part of our daily lives because it’s the way we communicate, share information, and find out about our friends’ news and interests through their textual or visual posts, shares and reshares of articles, music, events, photos, etc. We also expand our friend network by adding new people aka following each other.

The fact is Facebook uses everything of the above in the attempt to offer you a personalized app experience as much as possible, meaning it will suggest new possible connections as People you may know, place most relevant ads for you, and show posts on your screen that you may enjoy the most at a given moment.

Nevertheless, the thing about Facebook that can certainly improve someone’s day, maybe even life, is that they use AI in suicide prevention using machine learning to recognize if a person is having suicidal thoughts. Whether it is a worried friend who reports a post to Facebook or the ML detects they do, a person is being offered resources in the form of support and/or first responders are being notified. 

Again, we have a treat for you if you want to know how all that works. Save the date for Ankit Jain and if you haven’t already been tempted enough by the previous two speakers, you can also check out all the speakers and buy your ticket.