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5 Ways Businesses Can Use AI to Grow

Artificial intelligence can help with more than just security. The power and promise of AI for small businesses keeps growing, and many of them can look towards artificial intelligence for inspiration and solutions to the most common problems they have. Artificial intelligence is already a part of your everyday lives, from social media feeds, song and movie recommendations, driving directions, and even the voice on your phone assistant are all examples of how artificial intelligence already has a role in our daily lives.

1. Improve Customer Services

With AI slowly getting into everyday use, it can help with major business improvements. By using a virtual assistant program, businesses can get real-time support to users and significantly improve their customer support. 

With their usual workload, sales and customer support teams have a lot to work on. But, AI has made a lot of changes and improvements to helping people by tackling manual and tedious tasks. The automation of these tasks will allow people to focus on more important projects and lighten the workload.  

Customer support representatives can be sure that their clients get all the necessary information they want and need with the help of AI. Artificial intelligence can maximize the use of a product or service a business offers. And artificial intelligence can also help with follow-ups by automatically scheduling any follow-up email that can help companies be sure that there are no leads that have not been contacted.

For example, you have Zendesk – a customer support solution provider that uses artificial intelligence to automate many service tasks and help customers much faster. By using the Zendesk AnswerBot, users can take advantage of artificial intelligence and help customers serve themselves with the answers and information instantly.   

Apart from these tasks, AI can help businesses customize their websites based on how customers engage and behave online. Buyers want to see tailored experiences for any interaction they have with a business. And because of that, it is important to tailor your website towards potential customers. And you can do that with the help of AI tools that can automatically update website messaging based on the users that view the page.

2. Automate and Optimize Workload

With the help of machine learning, retails and other businesses can help with better inventory management. Machine learning can help automate any refilling requests and even optimize the supply chain with a breeze. 

Artificial Intelligence can help with improving the maintenance and safety of the equipment a business has. It can improve the maintenance schedules that will offer better control of the manufacturing and transportation sectors. 

The airline industry can be able to predict the wear and tear on a fleet’s mechanical parts in order to prevent any downtimes. So far, AI has been able to contribute and transform the maintenance practices in the aviation industry for 1,200 aircraft on seven platforms. With the help of AI-based predictive analysis, airlines can improve the process and help the airline industry have optimized maintenance schedules that will allow them to avoid any unwanted delays. 

By collecting and analyzing data, with the help of machine learning algorithms, businesses can categorize work, optimize logistics, automatically route service requests and improve the execution of manual tasks for any industry. 

3. Predict Performance

The application of artificial intelligence in business can help predict performance and user behavior. Specific AI tools can help identify patterns that can potentially disrupt your business, like IT outages. There are tools that can also help determine when you can reach certain goals you set. You can watch and predict when you can reach a certain response time to help desk calls. 

And with the help of different ML algorithms, a business can analyze patterns of online behavior and use this data to serve tailored product offers or target appropriate adverts. AI can even help a business forecast the revenue it will generate, which can help companies understand what will help them meet their quarterly and yearly goals. 

4. Analyze Data

With many improvements in network and storage technology, it’s easy to collect data. However, just data is nothing without analyzing it. With high amounts of data, it can be very time-consuming to analyze big amounts of data one by one. That’s where AI can help. Machine and deep learning algorithms can help analyze any large amounts of data and interpret it. 

So far, AI-powered systems have been used to analyze data from hundreds of sources to offer predictions and information about what works and what doesn’t. And it has helped unify data across platforms to put all customer data together into a single place.

5. Improve Marketing and Advertising

Businesses can use artificial intelligence to improve their marketing and advertising efforts. By adding automation to the marketing processes, a business can increase its presence and land more sales. A business can customize marketing and sales information and allow AI-based applications to handle routine tasks to allow a better experience for consumers. 

By using AI-based applications, businesses can start handling routine tasks. It can automate any routine marketing task and save time to focus on other things. And artificial intelligence can effectively track any user behavior on websites or social media. It can also deep dive into data about customers and clients to give predictions about product development, consumer preferences, and marketing channels.

With the help of machine learning, a business can get help with price-optimization for various markets. There are platforms that can leverage data about competitors, consumers, and suppliers, and use that data to automatically create different pricing models for individual market segments. This AI-based approach can contribute to and optimize the profit margins of a business.

Make Use of AI Technologies For Your Business

There are a lot of ways artificial intelligence can help businesses improve different aspects of their business and tasks that need to be done. Artificial intelligence will allow businesses and people to focus on important tasks, while AI takes care of their routine and time-consuming tasks.

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