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>Aleksandar Mihajlovic

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Aleksandar Mihajlovic

Aleksandar Mihajlovic has been working in the genomics field since 2011. He has designed and evaluated GWAS (genome-wide association studies) of atherosclerosis patients, evaluated genotype-phenotype correlation between atherosclerosis plaque build-up and certain SNP alleles, and algorithmically imputed missing SNP calls at the Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Arts and Science. Aleksandar has contributed to the development and optimisation of the cancer genomics cloud platform (presented results at ASCO conference in 2017), and on the development of preliminary version of CloudNeo, a Neoantigen pipeline at Seven Bridges Genomics. Aleksandar has founded Beogenomics, a small bioinformatics and AI startup recently acquired by Apis Assay Technologies and has been serving as managing director of Persida Inc, a New York and Belgrade based medical informatics company. His current major role is as Head of Operations at Apis Assay Technologies in Belgrade, Serbia, where he is overseeing bioinformatics business growth and development.