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>Ana Obradovic

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Ana Obradovic

My name is Ana Obradovic and I am currently a student in the Faculty of Technical Sciences at the University of Novi Sad where I study computer science. Apart from that, I speak English and French, which I had a chance to develop through participating in French drama lessons in my High school. Along with that theater I have traveled to France a few times, and discovered youth exchanges. After High school I have participated in two youth exchanges organized by the French-German Youth Organization and Erasmus+. Also, I am a member of EESTEC LC Novi Sad, where I had a chance to organize some projects, and I am currently working on one. Since I am interested in culture diversity I also volunteer in Erasmus Student Network Serbia, where I have a chance to meet new people from around Europe who decided to spend some time in Serbia. In future, I would like to focus on Project Management more, and I hope that these experiences will help me in development in that field.