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>Christian Guttmann

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Christian Guttmann

Christian Guttmann

Dr. Christian Guttmann received an award as TOP 100 global business and tech leader in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science. He is an Executive Director at the Nordic AI Institute, Global Head of AI/Data and Vice President at TietoEVRY, and an Adjunct Professor. He advances AI technology, science, and business to new heights in teams of bright and passionate minds. He works on the strategy and execution of AI for businesses, startups, and government organizations. At TietoEVRY, BT, IBM, HP, successful startups, and top-ranked universities, he leads a business that creates high-impact AI systems and products, patents, and scientific publications and enjoys working in great teams and partnerships. He is very active on social media on the topic of AI, feel welcome to connect with him on Linkedin, Twitter, or Instagram.