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>Mark Minevich

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Mark Minevich

President of Going Global Ventures and Executive Chairman of Digital Pioneers Network, Mr. Minevich is a highly regarded and trusted Digital Cognitive Strategist, Artificial Intelligence expert, Venture Capitalist, and the principal founder and President of Going Global Ventures. Mark was also recently appointed Chair of AI Policy at the International Research Centre for AI, under the auspices of UNESCO. Mark is also the co-founder and Chair of the Digital Pioneers Network and AI PioneersCircle based in New York, and was appointed as the Global Digital Ambassador to the World Assessment Council in early 2020. Mark is also involved in media and journalism, and contributes to a number of publications, including Forbes, Entrepreneur, Observer, TechCrunch, InformationWeek, CIO Magazine and COGNITIVE WORLD. He has been cited and featured in articles and appeared in Newsweek, Inc., CIO Magazine, Hitachi Review/Japan,Telegraph UK, CNBC. His knowledge has been cited and his name has been featured in articles on an international scale. Forbes named Mark one of the Leaders to Watch in 2017. He has received the Albert Einstein Award for Outstanding Achievement and the World Trade Leadership Award from the World Trade Centers and World Trade Center’s Association. Mark has served as a venture partner with GVA Capital in Silicon Valley, advising the fund on AI startups.