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>Wilder Rodrigues

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Wilder Rodrigues

Wilder Rodriguez is Senior Data Scientist at VodafoneZiggo, with 20+ years of experience in Software Engineering. Wilder has contributed extensively to the AI community in The Netherlands, and he’s currently Ambassador at City AI, representing Amsterdam AI chapter. “I started reading Marvel comics the same year I started programming, which was back in October 1995. I read mostly X-Men and Wolverine, and for a small kid from a poor family in the middle of nowhere in Brazil, I found interesting seeing the world of superheroes suffering from prejudice and racism. When I left home, about 17 years old, I started to identify myself with Wolverine: a lonely character, fighting his battler on his own. Years passed by, friends started calling me Logan (and they still do), I named my son Logan (which causes confusion when I'm in Brazil) and most of the time I'm wearing Marvel branded t-shirts.”